Software Consultant

Oct. 2011 – Nov. 2011

Software Designer

Jun. 2011 – Aug. 2011


  • Integration of commercial broadcasting router and mixing/switch platforms.
  • Optical Multi Protocol Transponder software analysis.
  • Network Storage Accelerator card verification software analysis.
  • Pre-sales support.

Commercial Broadcasting Routing and Switching equipment
Marrying of customer’s Audio/Visual Routing and live feed Switcher/Mixing lines into a new product.

Complex products with flexible configurations, multiple control vectors and many new operational personalities.  Eight different card type, two of them new, 3 of them highly modified, many of them in redundant pairs, all with different configurable interworking relationships to each other. Separate ongoing product development in time zones 12 hours apart.  Only high level documentation available.  Development,  product analysis and requirements specifications utilizing Karnaugh maps, binary algebra.  Read code and developed dialogues with stake holders to resolve product vision and product road map issues.

Optical Multi Protocol Transponder
Performed software analysis for producing a cost/feature reduced version of a clients existing optical transponder product.

No experience in Optical Arena or clients product.  Utilized previous experience with network, RF and communication protocols and read customer product architecture document and transponder’s firmware.  In 2 weeks had a clear understanding of project requirements.

Network Storage Accelerator
Performed software analysis for producing card verification of a format reduced version of clients existing product.

No experience with network storage accelerators, PCIe bus or proprietary SoC devices.  Utilized previous experience with network devices, bus protocols and read customer product architecture document and existing accelerator host application/API/driver firmware.  In 2 weeks had a clear understanding of project’s software requirements.

About Fidus Systems

Fidus: Latin for trustworthy & reliable
In 2001 Fidus Systems Inc. was founded in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada by Michael Wakim (he remains our President/CEO). Since then Fidus has open two additional design centers, one located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and the other in San Jose, California. Michael founded the company because he wanted to offer high-end electronic product design and consulting services at fair price. Pretty simple, eh’? More importantly, Fidus holds itself to high moral and ethical standards:

Our mantra is “we deliver what we promise we’re going to deliver, for the price we agreed to.”

Our Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles are unchanged since our very first day.

To transform innovative ideas into great products.

To deliver world-class electronic product development design services, while maintaining an environment of creativity, compassion and integrity.

Creative, Hospitable, Persistence, Fit & Healthy, Trustworthiness, Elegant Simplicity, Intellectual Excellence, Contagious Enthusiasm. Read more…

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