Software Consultant

AUG 2010 – APR 2011


Performed integration test support for the RNC ALU(Alcatel Lucent) ATCA (Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture) product for a large multi-disciplined team. Ported an existing system to a more homogenous and powerful architecture.


  • Instrumented software to facilitate performance analysis. 
  • Supported testing of ATCA shelf for upgrade of Radio Network Control System on a large trans-global team. 
  • Verification and validation of system functionality through development of tools, empirical testing and code inspection. 

About Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent is a global telecommunications company.  The RNC (Radio Network Control) group, acquired from NORTEL, develops and supports infrastructure equipment to control and route mobile communication.

Instrumented Software

Developed CLI (Command Line Interface) applications to communicate via proprietary messaging protocol to system processes, to alter system configuration and monitor system performance.


Lack of formal documentation. Utilized previous experience with RTOS, sample code and brief consultation with a lead developer.

Supported Testing of ATCA

Coded features and fix bugs for Switch Controller.


Limited and remote access to hardware, communication latency with trans-global team, complex development process requisite with a sophisticated target and large development team and limited formal training due to contractor status. Wrote scripts to simplify processes. Multi-tasked to mitigate down time due to limited resources and latencies. Relied on experience to generalize and assimilate new processes and tools.

Verification and Validation of System Functionality

Tested new features and bug fixes and analyze them for correctness, usefulness and performance. This included code inspections, empirical testing and test procedures.


Inexperienced off shore developers. Used tools (Code Collaborator and Coverity) and 30 years of coding and RTOS development experience to help team find deficiencies and increase robustness of code.

Limited documentation, for some aspects of scope of responsibility. Browsed code for solutions. Develop personal intra-company professional network to find answers.

Highly interdependent applications where components worked on could have severe development productivity impact on entire team. Utilized experience and professional intuition to proactively find system and component weaknesses before they develop into problems.

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